Radio was identified as the most accessible mass communication tool for grass root people. The radio as a medium, can easily reach the rural mass in short span of time. The technology is simple and easy to use. The advantage of radio is literacy is not needed for the users, while incurring lower investment cost. The concept of Community Radio (CR) is gaining momentum in recent period. Community Radio is a process. It is not simply about producing radio programme, to put on air.CR is by the community and for the community.CR is giving opportunity for the people representation for different ethnic, social and religious backgrounds and gender. The community participation in all aspects of the radio station from establishment to management, from administration to financing.

The modern concept of development gives emphasis to human and social development does not end with economic development only. For social development, empowering the Women at grassroots and their capacity building is the major concerns. Community Radio (CR) can emerge as a future tool for rural women development. CR is a platform for bringing accountability of the development process, ultimately making the system more transparent and ensuring good governance. CR ensures the participation of the community, along with community ownership and control.

Thus speedy transfer of technology is need of the hour for second green revolution. The research for finding future tools for rural women development is inevitable.CR will play a major role in identifying and addressing local infrastructure needs, grass root development by means of participatory communication.


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